Delivering Connected Construction Projects

LEVESYS construction projects connects your data across all your projects and provides full project integration, visibility and control. Construction projects allows you to view all your business functions in real time and delivers insights across all your financial, project and operational data.

Construction projects helps you to deliver on-time, on-budget projects. Manage all your active construction projects by collaborating inside and outside your business. Track all project activities, costs and revenues and remain in full control at all times.

Construction projects provides a complete business overview, in real time, anywhere, anytime, helping you deliver more profitable projects.

The ultimate destination. Complete integration, control and visibility across all construction projects.

Construction Projects Modules

Document Management

Document management brings together all your company documents and other content including drawings, forms, photographs, OH&S policies and reports on a single, powerful content management platform.

Integration across all areas of your business reduces your risk. By having all documents indexed to facilitate powerful and rapid search functions, you will have greater accuracy and convenience knowing that all company documents are being saved and stored in the correct place. Full revision management ensures your project teams are working with the most current documentation.

Project Management

Project Management and Contract Administration supplements the Document Management module. Collaborate with all parties on your projects, both inside and outside your organisation, to efficiently manage Variations, RFI’s, Site Instructions, Issues, Minutes of Meetings, Defects and Submittals.

Integration with email ensures all transmittals and interactions are recorded and tracked, reducing the risk of vital information not being recorded and shared.

Digitisation ensures complete, real time visibility of pending actions through Business Analytics Dashboards.

Business Forecasting

Business Forecasting allows greater predictability over business performance with accurate forecasting. You can provide your shareholders and financiers with robust information to enhance decision making.

Phased forecasts of project claims and costs based on current positions through to project completion enable detailed revenue, cost forecasting and resource requirements estimates. Month by month forecasts of earned revenue and margin and WIP movement complete the picture. Projects are aggregated for business unit and company level forecasts of claims, project costs, revenue and margin earned and net movements. Pre-packaged, fixed reports and inbuilt customisable reporting are available.

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