Delivering Connected Construction Projects

LEVESYS construction projects connects your data across all your projects and provides full project integration, visibility and control. Construction projects allows you to view all your business functions in real time and delivers insights across all your financial, project and operational data.

Construction projects helps you to deliver on-time, on-budget projects. Manage all your active construction projects by collaborating inside and outside your business. Track all project activities, costs and revenues and remain in full control at all times.

Construction projects provides a complete business overview, in real time, anywhere, anytime, helping you deliver more profitable projects.

The ultimate destination. Complete integration, control and visibility across all construction projects.

Construction Projects Modules

Document Management

Bring together drawings, forms, photographs and OH&S on one platform.

Manage all documentation electronically with rapid search functionality.

Record and manage project and compliance information with electronic forms.

Have multiple signatories submit forms for workflow approval, with notifications at each stage.

Project Management

Stay ahead of risk with real-time updates and data capture.

Manage issues, RFI’s, site instructions, variations etc as they arise.

Integrate project email with all transmittals logged, minimising risk.

See pending actions in real time.

Automate workflows and alerts with approval processes for purchases, invoices and variations.

Key project milestones updated automatically from related document approvals.

Create forms templates including OH&S checklists and site reporting with smart forms.

Business Forecasting

Stay cashflow positive with business forecasting.

Enjoy real-time visibility and analytics through the business forecasting dashboard.

Stay profitable and competitive in volatile markets—predict performance more accurately.

Maintain forecasts of revenue, cost and margin for the project and across the business, with resourcing estimates.

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