Take control of your construction business

LEVESYS construction financials provides complete visibility into your financial operations, with a fully integrated solution that spans all business functions. Streamline your construction financials and automate business processes across accounting, jobs, payroll, purchasing, timesheets and general ledger.

Tap into a wealth of knowledge, with full visibility into real time data consolidated from the entire business. Unlock access into real time insights of your financial performance across all projects, which are easily accessible in the office, in the field or on the road.

Gain greater stakeholder management, with rapid access to accurate client and project information. With construction financials enjoy effective and accurate decision making, real time dashboards, forecasting and reporting through a single, centralised web-based solution.

Ignite your business growth with fully integrated construction financials, payroll and accounting.

Construction Financials Modules

Jobs Core

Jobs Core is where new projects, large and small, are created and managed. From start to finish Jobs Core provides the means to control your projects, with total visibility across all jobs no matter the size. Achieve complete financial management of your projects for improved decision making and budget control.

With Jobs Core you have the tools to create project budgets, track committed costs, forecast cost and labour hours to complete, setup your progress claim schedules, track your variations and PC Sums and generate your monthly claims in simple, logical steps.

Unique features allow you to set user defined parameters to facilitate governance, embed workflows and controls for different types of projects, and configure alerts to allow for users to receive notification of key events and changes.

Powerful business analytics bring it together to monitor and report project performance in real time through enquiries, dashboards, reporting and analysis. View profit, margins, cost variances, backlog, work in progress, summaries and details of revenue and costs, and movements and trends in key financial and other values between periods.


Purchasing manages job and project costings, with systematic tools to control vital purchasing processes. Achieve greater accuracy, improved control and drive efficiency through your purchasing process. Copy from a stored estimate directly into a purchase order or subcontract, and auto generate purchase orders with standard or specific project conditions.

Mobile functionality allows you to directly submit financial data and stock usage for client project and services works in the office or on site. Track against job numbers and transition back to your ERP system for final authorisation and reconciliation. You can also control your materials and goods purchases through an integrated listing of supplier prices.

Manage sub-contract purchases packages with assessments of sub-contractor claims and variations, and issue payment schedules to meet security of payments obligations.

Additional functionality integrates powerful workflow approval tools for system-based approvals of purchases in accordance with company policies and authority limits, in the office or the field.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable automates creditor management with the seamless integration of purchases and sub-contracts. Streamline invoice management by making it totally paperless, with electronic processing of incoming invoices, matching with purchase orders, query management, and workflow approvals. Produce accurate and compliant assessments of sub-contractor claims and issue payment certificates.

Payment processes are even more efficient, with a range of payment processing options from individual suppliers to fully automated batch payment.

Manage retention holdings and record all sub-contractor and supplier insurance details for greater control of payment approvals. Risk is reduced and full compliance with Security of Payments legislation in the various states is ensured. Enjoy improved cash flow management, with in-built payment control and functionality.

Real time reporting includes; payables balances, BAS Reporting, GST accounting and Taxable Payments Reporting. The Accounts Payable module is fully integrated with General Ledger.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable streamlines your debtor management, whether you are billing major fixed lump sum contracts, on a claim schedule containing many line items, small jobs on a quoted price, service works on standard or agreed customer rates for time and materials, or maintenance contracts at periodical intervals.

Cash flow is improved and risk is reduced by eliminating the possibility of invoices not being sent, or being sent incorrectly. Integration with Jobs Core and General Ledger allows data to be fed directly into Accounts Receivable for maximum accuracy, removal of duplication and elimination of errors. You can process progress claims and invoices, as well as cash receipts including period based aging reports. Manage your claims and RCTI’s and fully track your retention balances. Time is saved through the automation of invoicing of maintenance contracts and regular service work. Stay up to date with real time reporting on aged debtors, client trends and financial status.

Accounts Receivable integrates with Jobs Core. Gross and net claim sums are brought forward to the Job and General Ledgers.

Payroll, Timesheets & HR

Payroll is a powerful and streamlined electronic solution, which models the awards of Australian construction industry agreements. Fully flexible, it includes weekly award based pays, rates and conditions, holidays, personal leave, leave without pay, rostered days off, statutory company contributions and agreement specific requirements, such as redundancy, income protection, salary sacrifice and accident top up insurance. Electronic timesheets allow for mobile capture of employee and contractor job labour hours and costs, with no additional data entry required to process pays.

Reporting includes; pay advices emailed to employees, PAYG summaries, production of ATO files for year-end compliance, pay and hours reports for cost and utilisation analysis, time and activity reports, leave liability, and superannuation, redundancy and income protection contribution reports.

HR tracks employee and contractor qualifications, OH&S inductions, licences, competencies, tracks and alerts expiry dates, and aligns with mandatory requirements for job scheduling and rostering.

General Ledger

General Ledger is the repository for all accounting data. It is flexible and accommodates various organisational and reporting structures and accounting policies, including user defined entity and business unit structures and chart of accounts.

Embedded controls ensure absolute integrity of transaction data flowing from subsidiary ledgers for reliable and accurate financial reporting. Powerful enquiry functions enable easy drill down to the most detailed level of transaction and associated source information, including job enquiries.

Multi-company structures are accommodated all within one general ledger or separately, depending on accounting and reporting requirements, while separation of operational functions is maintained.

Take financial control and reporting to a new level with integrated General Ledger. Generate financial reporting and enquiries including; Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance, as well as transaction enquiries and reports that deliver the essential financial information for analysis and management review.

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