Progress Claims

Claim Management, Simplified

Managing progress claims is a complex and time consuming task. With automated progress claims software that’s made for the Australian construction industry, you can save time and simplify your progress payments.

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Work Smarter

Punctual Payments

Our integrated system allows you to oversee project claims and manage payments. Simplify the process of submitting claims to clients for completed work and ensure punctual payments.

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Integrated System

Confidently Approve Progress Claims

Approve and manage progress claims with confidence using fully customisable workflows. Because our software is integrated, payment schedules, variations, and retentions are accurately captured in one comprehensive database so you can automate the approval of progress claims.

Reduce Risk

Increase Project Efficiencies, Reduce Risk

Eliminate double handling of progress claims, which can lead to inaccurate information and costly errors. With LEVESYS, it’s easy to process multiple progress claims and payments simultaneously. Your journey to efficiency starts here.

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Increase Visibility

Keep On Top of Your Cashflow

Safeguard against cash flow risks with instant, real-time insights into progress claim and retention positions across all projects, accessible from wherever you are. Make informed decisions and maintain financial control with our comprehensive platform.

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Williams Electrical

“With LEVESYS you know it’s probably the best that it’s ever been, certainly in the last two or three years with the all the web two stuff that they’ve done. The changes that have been made over the last few years, have resulted in real time savings, it’s become even more efficient.”

Mike Scott

ICT Manager, Williams Electrical

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