Inventory Management Software

Take Control of Your Inventory

Ensure a smooth-running project and a cohesive project team with LEVESYS’ inventory management module. Maintain optimal material levels across multiple locations, prevent shortages, and access real-time insights into inventory supplies, all within one integrated system.

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Work Smarter

Make Smart Purchasing Choices

Eliminate wastage and delays and ensure you are always on top of your material levels with our easy-to-use inventory tracking feature. Easily track supply levels in various locations including multiple warehouses and vans to keep your project moving.

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Build Trust

Transparent Pricing

Foster strong client relationships and ensure consistent customer pricing with our built-in price book feature. LEVESYS helps you maintain your quoted rates and prices on materials and services, while ensuring your business earns a fair margin.

Increase Productivity

Get the Best Prices Every Time

Optimise your quoting and invoicing processes with inventory management software that seamlessly integrates with price databases. Streamline operations and make your quoting and invoicing processes more accurate and efficient with this powerful feature.

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Improve Communication

Seamless Collaboration, Anywhere

Build strong relationships among your project teams and stakeholders with our centralised inventory database, ensuring everyone stays informed about material availability and project progress.

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Peter Rahilly - 2Construct Pty Ltd

“LEVESYS was our first choice from the start. We wanted to grow rapidly and knew we needed the right software to get us there.”

Peter Rahilly

Director, 2Construct Pty Ltd

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