LEVESYS ERP software brings together a full array of functionality to deliver comprehensive solutions for all subcontractors, including, electrical, plumbing, fire, air conditioning and HVAC. The LEVESYS platform is built for Australian subcontractors. Connect your financials, accounts, payroll and field service to your projects.

Subcontractor Benefits

financial performance

Improved Financial Performance

Profitability in a competitive market like construction can be difficult to maintain. By tracking all project costs electronically, you can be proactive with issues as they arise. Keeping focused on financial performance means cash flow positive, profitable projects.


Increased Efficiency and Compliance

Connected business process mean more efficient and faster processing. Powerful workflow speeds up approvals and allows for visibility of business data in real time. Secure storage and electronic document tracking provides compliance across all projects.


Enhanced Visibility and Reporting

Access accurate information when and where it’s needed. Executive level insights in real time are available from dashboards and reports, which enhances strategic planning and decision making. Built-in mobility means data can be viewed and actioned without delays.

Complete visibility over all projects

  • Manage project cost budgets, variations, forecasts and cash flow
  • Manage purchasing, invoicing, payments and payroll with powerful built in electronic workflow processing and approvals.
  • Document management and control, email integration and electronic forms.
  • Fully mobile for job site management of processes.
  • Connect the back office with real time information on status of jobs.

Williams Electrical Service is an electrical contractor with multiple specialist divisions based in WA. Williams use LEVESYS software to integrate all divisions of their business company wide. With LEVESYS Williams are now able to get both management and drill down views of all their operations, which has helped with profitability and reduced risk by having full visibility at a individual job level.

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