Have You Reviewed Your Systems Recently?

In the last month there has been a big shift in how businesses are operating in our industry. A dramatic rise in the amount of staff that are working from home that have previously been desk bound in an office has been a big change for a lot of companies.

When companies go through this process for the first time there are many things that are reviewed.

  • IT Systems – Do you have the right infrastructure to allow remote connectivity?
  • Hardware – Do you have Laptops or desktop computers? Can desktops be set up in a team members home? Do they have sufficient screens to efficiently work as they need?
  • Employees Set Up – Each employee will need to ensure they have adequate internet access and a workspace that is conducive to productivity? How do you engage with staff who no longer are a cubicle away from you?
  • Software Requirements – What video conferencing system are you using? Does it allow your team to connect as needed?

These are the standard types of questions for an organization. For a LEVESYS client the most used software platform outside of Outlook will often be LEVESYS. When was the last time you reviewed how you were using LEVESYS as an organization or individuals?

  • Are your staff trained in all aspects of the system they use?
  • Do you find your staff spending time each week struggling with the same task?
  • Are your staff cross trained in different roles within the business?
  • Are you using the different modules of LEVESYS effectively?

Through our remote consulting services, we can help you review how you are utilizing LEVESYS.

With an online workshop we can review your internal systems and help to develop training plans for your team while discussing other ways LEVESYS could assist you going forward. This could include individual and group training for your team, demonstration of new modules that could assist in driving your business operations forward or assist in the implementation of new government processes.

The old adage “You don’t know what you don’t know” applies no matter how experienced your team is with LEVESYS. We would rather have a chat now so that in six months “If I knew then what I know now” doesn’t apply to your organization.

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