Enhancing Electrical Services with LEVESYS

Nicholas Cross, the Legal and HSEQ Manager at NSG Boffa Group [https://www.nsgboffa.com.au/] of Adelaide, says the family operated electrical services business has thrived for decades, as the result of its commitment to quality workmanship as well as support from LEVESYS software.  

NSG Boffa Group, established in 1975, has earned its first rate reputation in the electrical services industry for its in depth knowledge of electrical infrastructure and distribution systems and supportive team. “We have established a reputation in the electrical services industry for our ‘can-do’ approach to solving customer problems by working together.”  

The company has 90 dedicated employees and serves a diverse range of clients, including Tier-1 construction companies, government agencies, multinational institutions, and various sectors including education, telecommunications, commercial, retail, finance, and property management.  

Cross highlights NSG Boffa Group’s commitment to flexibility and customer satisfaction. The company custom designs, builds, and maintains efficient power and lighting systems tailored to each client’s unique needs and building requirements. With two central locations, the company can provide prompt and reliable service for its clients whenever they need assistance.  

Nicholas Cross’s role includes managing the software and systems to support the company’s projects, as well as ensuring that the company’s health, safety, environmental, and quality management systems are healthy and meeting all the requirements. 

Cross is responsible for the integration of LEVESYS software into NSG Boffa Group’s business processes. LEVESYS allows the company to monitor the status of jobs, manage financial data, generate professional reports, and facilitate end of month accounting and financial updates.  

“We like that the system manages all jobs in a single system without forcing us to interface with any third party users or other systems and provides us access to real time and accurate data to help us make decisions critical to business operations.” Using LEVESYS helps the company streamline operations across project management, field services, employee management, payroll, and HR functions, all within a single system. 

A key advantage of using LEVESYS is its strong analytics tools, which provide up to date data so Cross and other company leaders can make sound financial and operational decisions quickly and easily. And unlike other software options, LEVESYS has custom reporting features that allow leadership to prioritise and visualise data that matters the most so they can run day to day operations more efficiently.  

Using LEVESYS has allowed the company to record significant time savings, particularly for the five administrative employees who work with the software most often. By eliminating the need for users to import and export data from multiple software programs, LEVESYS has saved the company money and reduced time consuming administrative tasks.  

Moreover, working with the team at LEVESYS has been very positive. Cross says everyone is approachable and knowledgeable. LEVESYS has taken the time to understand NSG Boffa Group’s business requirements and pain points. LEVESYS provides ongoing support and ensures that NSG Boffa Group gets its needs met from the software. “They stick to deadlines and know how important it is — especially given we are a family business who need strong support from our stakeholders in a challenging and competitive marketplace.” 

The partnership that has developed over the years between NSG Boffa Group and LEVESYS has been instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency, the ability to make decisions, and overall business performance. Cross says using LEVESYS has equipped the company to manage its marketplace challenges as it continues to deliver exceptional electrical services to its valued customers.  

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