Powering Progress: The Impact of LEVESYS Software on the Continuing Success of Fraser & Mountain

Fraser & Mountain, a Victorian based company which has continuously operated for more than 140 years in the plumbing and mechanical services industry, has continually adapted to the evolving landscape of construction and contracting. As pioneers in the field, the company understands the importance of technology for supporting its continuing success. LEVESYS is a proven solution for top notch project management and accounting control and has helped Fraser & Mountain achieve new heights of efficiency and excellence.  

In the words of Managing Director David Grieg: “LEVESYS gives us the level of project management and accounting control that we need to maintain our business in the top end of what we do, and I don’t know of anything that’s any better, to be honest. It’s that simple.” 

Established in 1880 by Alex Fraser and William Mountain, the company has transitioned from its start repairing gas lamps to becoming a leader in heating, ventilation, and mechanical services. 

As the industry evolved, so did Fraser & Mountain’s scope of work. It now focuses primarily on plant replacements and upgrades. The company boasts an impressive portfolio of clients, including prestigious institutions like the Parliament of Victoria. The company’s dedication to excellence has earned it long standing client relationships with educational institutions including Melbourne University, Monash University, Latrobe University and RMIT, corporate entities, and consumer-based organizations like the Salvation Army. 

With a workforce of around 60 to 70 employees, Grieg says he recognized the need for a robust project management system to effectively handle the company’s complex contracts, especially as Fraser & Mountain increasingly served as the direct contractors responsible for project delivery. 

This realization led the company to LEVESYS, a comprehensive project management and accounting software tailored to the needs of construction and contracting businesses. The decision to implement LEVESYS was driven by the need for greater visibility, accountability, and efficiency in managing projects. 

For Fraser & Mountain, the transition to LEVESYS made a significant impact in streamlining operations. LEVESYS provided an integrated solution that allowed project managers to view real-time insights into project financials and progress and track critical metrics like labour hours worked. The system’s customizable workflows enabled more flexibility for team members to manage tasks from any location, whether on-site or remotely. Moreover, the system also provides a series of controls and mechanisms that ensure that business processes are completed correctly and accurately.  

When reviewing vendors, Grieg says he was impressed by the depth of industry experience at LEVESYS from Managing Director Phil Johnstone on down. “LEVESYS staff understand their product and their hands on experience helped them understand what we needed in our company. So that sold it for us. When we approached other software venders, you were talking to software salespeople who had never worked in our industry.” 

The benefits of LEVESYS extended beyond operational efficiency to financial management and control. The system facilitates seamless invoice processing, which meant reduced errors as well as greater oversight of project costs. With accurate data at their fingertips, project managers could monitor hours, track progress, and forecast revenue with confidence, eliminating guesswork and reducing the risk of financial losses. 

“Different people in our company like to view different data, and having the ability to produce reports or spreadsheets the way you want them to be without interrupting the basis of all the background program, that’s a big advantage,” says Grieg.  

Working with the team at LEVESYS has been a thoroughly positive experience for Fraser & Mountain. The depth of understanding and proactive support provided reassurance that F&M’s business requirements were being addressed effectively. LEVESYS continues to be a vital partner in helping Fraser & Mountain maintain its leadership position in the industry. 

By leveraging LEVESYS’ integrated construction project management software and counting on its responsive support, Fraser & Mountain has elevated its project management and accounting capabilities, ensuring continued success and growth in a dynamic and competitive market landscape.  

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