From Field to Office | How Williams Electrical Achieves Operations Excellence with LEVESYS

Williams Electrical Service [], an electrical services company based in Perth, Western Australia, effectively and efficiently manages its businesses through the integration of LEVESYS software, leveraging the power of web two technology.  

Mike Scott, in his hybrid IT/system admin role, serves as the key link between Williams Electrical and LEVESYS. Mike is the company’s ICT Manager. During his long association with Williams Electrical he has witnessed the evolution of the company’s systems and processes. 

“With LEVESYS you know it’s probably the best that it’s ever been, certainly in the last two or three years with the all the web two stuff that they’ve done. The changes that have been made over the last few years, have resulted in real time savings, it’s become even more efficient.” 

Williams Services Group has a portfolio of companies that encompasses Williams Electrical Service, Williams Fuel Systems, Sekure (trading as Task), ODF Electrical, and Williams Hire Services. Each entity caters to distinct sectors, ranging from commercial and industrial electrical services to security installations and domestic building electrical needs. With such a wide array of services, seamless coordination and efficient management are key to the company’s operations. 

LEVESYS field service management software serves as the backbone of Williams Electrical’s operations, facilitating everything from project management and invoicing to resource allocation and payroll.  

The integration of LEVESYS into Williams’s workflow is comprehensive, with nearly all the company’s 100 employees using the software in their roles. From project costing to invoicing, the entire lifecycle of a job is managed seamlessly within the LEVESYS system, and its mobility app further extends the software’s functionality to field technicians, streamlining communication and task management. 

One of the standout features of LEVESYS is its adaptability across the various operational units within the company. While some entities are heavy users of the inventory management module, others utilize the maintenance planning and resource scheduling capabilities. This versatility underscores LEVESYS’s ability to cater to the unique requirements of each division, folding varied processes into a unified platform. 

Mike says that the web two technology now offered by LEVESYS provides significant improvements in user interface and functionality. And the new mobility app enhances efficiency both internally and in the field.  

“We use the mobility app for our techs out in the field. Scheduled jobs are allocated to individual techs which then therefore appear in their mobility app. Once they accept a job, they can go through the process of adding times and notes and material and raising PO and all those sorts of things, to the point of ultimately completing those jobs and then getting invoiced out, which makes our process very efficient.” 

With an intuitive interface and streamlined workflows, the integrated mobility app has translated into tangible time and cost savings for Williams Electrical. 

Beyond the software itself, Mike notes that he’s experienced terrific support provided by the LEVESYS team. With quick response times and effective solutions, the partnership between Williams Electrical and LEVESYS has been a successful collaboration. Moreover, Mike’s thorough understanding of the software means he can often troubleshoot issues internally, reducing wait times and reliance on LEVESYS support. 

Looking ahead, Mike expresses confidence in LEVESYS’s continued evolution, particularly with its embrace of web technology. The recent interface upgrades and development roadmap instill optimism about future enhancements and functionalities.  

“LEVESYS continues to progress and develop. And it’s sort of starting to snowball with where they’re going with the web three modules. What’s happened over the last three or four years has put them in a good place with the new interface which has made a massive difference.” 

In conclusion, Williams Electrical’s experience with LEVESYS shows powerful web technology can streamline and improve operations so the company can focus on growth. Through a combination of robust software capabilities and responsive support, LEVESYS is a critical partner for Williams Electrical.  

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