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How do you currently process your staff timesheets? Is it still a paper-based process? Does it involve your payroll staff spending hours manually entering these details into your software to be able to process payroll and job cost labour?

The question in this digital age is “Why”?

Not only is there the amount of time spent by your payroll staff manually entering these details, but the waste of valuable resources on low-level activity is not necessary.. There is also the factor of human error to think about – maybe infrequent – but is a consideration. Then there is the paper! With the shift to the digital world in recent years, which has accelerated in the past 12 months, LEVESYS’ web timesheets is a great place to start.

LEVESYS has the apps for employees to fill out their timesheets either through LEVESYS directly or from anywhere using our mobile app, which is ideal for site staff. Submitted timesheets are sent through the workflow rules you define for approval by supervision and management staff. Once approved, job costs and labour hours are updated, and all is ready for your payroll staff to begin the process of completing payroll.

Now I bet your thinking “what if they worked on a particular job?” or “this seems too hard.”

We also have you covered here! With our easy-to-use interface, as employees fill out their timesheet, they have the ability to allocate time to different projects, and the allowable labour cost codes in those projects. This eliminates so much time spent by payroll staff simply doing timesheet entry, but provides far more timely and accurate job costs to ensure you are on budget and on schedule.

Does this sound like a solution that would benefit your business? What is holding you back and what are you waiting for?

Contact us on 07 3004 6100 to book your free demonstration of the timesheet process and discover the endless possibilities that LEVESYS offers.

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