Accessing LEVESYS Remotely

With the outbreak of COVID-19, companies are having to change how they operate on a day to day basis. LEVESYS in recent times have closed their Fortitude Valley office in an effort to protect our team members from being exposed and just as importantly to protect their family, friends and the general public from the spread of Coronavirus. But this initiative has not disrupted our operation one bit as we have all the tools in place for effective and productive remote working.

The message coming from all levels of government and health experts is that to limit the spread of the virus we need to reduce exposure to large groups and self-isolate where possible. The Federal Government guidelines that non-essential gatherings of 100 or more people indoors should be cancelled and social distancing of 1 person every 4 square meters is forcing companies to review how they are conducting business. Roles that have been office based are being encouraged to work remotely from the safety of their homes.

LEVESYS can facilitate this. Whether your system is installed in house on your own server or is cloud-hosted by your own provider or LEVESYS, is a solution for you.

On-Premise Server
Remote access to your On-Premise LEVESYS server is achieved through a Remote Desktop Connection. If this facility is not already in place you will need to contact your IT managers to set up a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) for yourself and others in the business.

Once your IT has created the RDP access, they will need to add your shortcut for LEVESYS from your desktop.

Your IT will then provide you RDP login details for you to connect to your remote desktop connection from your home computer or laptop. You will then be able to work away as if you are still in the office.

Cloud Hosted Service
Where your LEVESYS system is situated on a server remote from your office, managed by your own provider or directly by LEVESYS, you will already have the same Remote Desktop Access (RDP) we have discussed above. To access this from home then requires the RDP shortcut on your home computer to login to LEVESYS and continue uninterrupted.

Version 5
For clients who have upgraded to Version 5 there is direct web browser access in certain circumstances, irrespective of where the server is situated.

Direct browser logon is available where the site has been made “public facing” and allows users who only use the web apps, e.g. enquiries, dashboards and approvals direct access without first logging on to the Remote Server (RDP)

If you’d like to discuss your options and understand how LEVESYS has equipped for remote working, please give the team a call on 07 3004 6100 or email us at

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