Software Case Study

The Client

In 2004 Duncan McPherson and Peter Rahilly were working for a construction company, managing multimillion dollar projects for another LEVESYS client who is well renowned in the construction industry. Between them, Duncan and Peter had decades of experience in the industry having worked in the building, commercial, industrial, civil engineering and civil landscape sectors in both regional and rural Victoria. This vast experience and the drive for a challenge saw Peter and Duncan team up to found their own construction company, 2Construct.

The Challenge

When starting any new venture, significant planning is required to ensure skills, competencies and resources are utilised to produce the best end result. With their extensive experience, Duncan and Peter knew their company could become one of the industry’s top players. However both knew that if 2Construct was to reach its true potential, a robust software solution would be needed to seamlessly handle the growth 2Construct would inevitably achieve.

The Solution

Having experienced the capabilities of a LEVESYS ERP Software system first hand at their previous company, Duncan and Peter did not have to spend much time looking to know which software system would produce the best results for them. “We went with what we were happy with”, Duncan explained. “When people ask me about LEVESYS I say ‘you need a system you know you can use that reports the information you need when you want it to’. I know LEVESYS is the right choice because I never hear any complaints about it from my staff. I trust the system, I trust my people and therefore am completely confident in the outputs.”

The Result

Today, 2Construct is one of Victoria’s premier civil construction companies. Known best for their outstanding civil and building projects in metropolitan Melbourne, 2Construct has a solid reputation for high-quality works consistently delivered on time and on budget. LEVESYS continues to meet 2Constructs’ needs and the system upgrades ensures 2Construct is always using the most up-to-date technologies and achieves maximum efficiency.

Levesys + 2Construct

“We have recommended LEVESYS to other companies before and will continue to do so.”

Duncan McPherson, Managing Director, 2Construct